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The Revolution is not your typical ice cream shop. While it's true we have some of the typical flavors you have grown up with, we also have some amazing flavors that you have never even dreamed of. Not much is off-limits when it comes to the possibilities of Revolution ice cream.

The idea was created by the owner, Bill Workman, who fashioned unique ice cream from his home for friends and family. He started with vanilla and eventually began to break the mold by attempting things like habanero peppers and chocolate, or even candied bacon ice cream.

When media outlets began to pick up on the reports of this "Willy Wonka of Ice Cream", plans were created to turn this creative hobby into something much larger. Today The Revolution Ice Cream Co. stands as an actual storefront where you can visit and purchase these unique flavors and even suggest new and exciting combinations.

Overall, one of the major focuses of the Revolution as a company is giving back to the community. After all, the Revolution wouldn't be where it is today if it werent for the community response and demand. Events are organized through clubs and churches where ice cream parties and giveaways are conducted. Even the shop itself is a gallery for local artists that includes a children's play area.

We invite any and all to come down and taste for yourself, regardless of your pallate. Many are amazed to find that ingredients such as yam or curry within ice cream aren't simply gimmicks, but legitimately delicious. For those who might not be adventurous enough to dive right in, samples are certainly available. As we grow, you can expect much more of the same things that have brought us to where we are today.

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