The Regulars

The Best Dang Vanilla you've ever had in your Whole Life - really good vanilla bean ice cream

Chocolate Shock - chocolate ice cream with brownie bits and chocolate chips mixed in

Porky's Delight - vanilla ice cream with bacon and bacon brittle

Drunken Brownies - chardonnay caramel ice cream with brownie bits mixed in

Ch2Hn - Chocolate Habanero

Eurotrash - Nutella ice cream with biscoff cookie crumbles mixed in

What's up Nutter Fudger - chocolate peanut butter ice cream with nutter bar chunks mixed in

Mint Want Cookies - mint ice cream with Andes candies, chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough

Caramel Vanilla Praline - vanilla ice cream with a healthy amount of caramel bits and our made-from-scratch pralines

Banana Pudding - banana ice cream with nilla wafer cookie crumbles mixed in

The Seaward - salted caramel, coffee, cinnamon and cardamom

Matt's Fatty Rolls - Cinnamon roll ice cream complete with icing and cinnamon sugar sprinkle

Callie's Hotcakes - buttered pancake ice cream topped with maple syrup

Grandma's Oreo


The Specials


That's My Jam - Strawberry freezer jam ice cream

Beauregard's Blueberry Muffin Tops - blueberry muffin ice cream topped with homemade streusel crumbles

You Want Samoa Spaddy? - Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream with Samoas mixed in

Cherry Coke Ice Cream



 Adult Flavors

Happy Burpday Jake - Chocolate Stout Ice Cream with a PB ribbon